The morning coffee ritual

It has become very apparent that we are both going to explode from food intake unless we start to get some more exercise.   Even though we are skiing huge distances, the skiing on piste is easy and while it is certainly cold, I haven’t broken a sweat yet.

So the plan this morning was to put skins on our skis and walk up the run to a little hut called Rifugio Plan Boè.

Unfortunately our progress up the piste was noticed by the local carabinieri (military police that have a specialist role in the mountains).  A gaggle of three skied over to us.   OK …so this was going to be interesting.   “Parli Inglese? ”  I figured this was not the time to try out my “pigeon Italian” .  Yes of course they did.  Perfectly.   I couldn’t help but noticed that they were all looking very smart and neat in the their ski uniforms with their new skis glistening in the morning sun.    And while I didn’t admit this to Graeme [who may, fingers crossed not read this for a few days] – I also noticed that they were all very good looking.  I mean movie-star handsome.  Wow!   Maybe there’s some aesthetic measure [like Singpore Airline’s hostesses?] that they have to meet in order to be accepted to this branch of the military police?    It certainly seems like a “cushy job”, skiing around all day and stopping for lunch and coffee at one of the hundreds of mountain huts.

We learned that we are not permitted to walk up the piste when they are open.  It is dangerous.  Interesting? We had seen large groups of people randonee’ing (Euro term for skinning) up the same slope mid morning yesterday. Also, according to my carabinieri film stars, I should not be skiing with headphones on.   “Well, tell me something new?”……Graeme and most of my friends have been telling me that for years.  Alas, I am now addicted and have a hearing loss…so the damage has already been done.

Anyway, after much “Scusi”, Mi dispiace”  later, they let us off with a warning & allowed us to continue up a short way further to our planned destination.    When I mentioned this encounter to Patsy the next day, she said that if we have another carabinieri encounter in Arabba –  just to say “Siamo amici di Mario Delmonego [ we are friends of Mario Delmonego]”.   She warned that while this will help us in Arabba it won’t work in any other valley.   We are quickly learning that the next valley over is a whole new world!

Rifugio Plan Boe
Rifugio Plan Boe

We were greeted by enthusiastic barking from their resident mountain dog. I have subsequently learned her name is “Sheila” and we have become fast friends….or at least when I have some morning tea handy.

My friend "Sheila"
My new friend “Sheila”

We were also met by a friendly host of Refugio Plan Boè – Lorenzo.  He was also an excellent salesman and before I knew it, Graeme had succumbed to ordering a generous slice of apple strudel with his coffee!   So much for the exercise and diet plan!

Today we took the car around the mountain to ski another area that we discovered yesterday on the Sellaronda. More breathtaking scenery….yada, yada …yada.






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