I’ve broken Graeme

It’s official.  I’ve broken Graeme. There was no leaping out of bed this morning to go for a randonee. Lorenzo will miss us for coffee & cake.

Graeme’s new boots are still not right. Those last desperate 20km yesterday afternoon really aggrevated his tootsies. So it’s back to see Renato again today. We headed over to La Villa this morning. Fortunately his English speaking co-worker Stephanie was there and we made an appointment for later in the afternoon.

Back to Arabba where we have packed our bags for the big road trip trans-Italia to Lyon tomorrow and done a bit of apartment cleaning. After lunch we took a good walk around our little town.

Arabba is still very much a rural village compared to the more sophisticated tourist towns of Covara and the villages in the Val Gardena. There are not many shops or restaurants in our town.  And at the moment, things are very quiet.  Patsy explained to us that it is often quite hard for her town to get things done because the region is governed from Venice which doesn’t always understand the needs of a mountain village.  Despite this there does seem to be quite a bit of development going on.  Here’s some pictures from around Arabba today.

I mentioned in a previous post that Mario was one of 12 children.  So the Delmonego name is well known – here’s just some of the Delmonego dynasty seen around town today.  Delmonego – “the Butcher” and Delmonego “the Caterer”!


The other interesting thing about the Dolomites region is how much German is spoken. English is a distant 3rd language. Being so close to the Austrian border, this whole region was under Austrian-Hungarian rule for centuries before becoming part of Italy.  Most of the valleys to the north of Arabba are referred to as being in the South Tyrol region.

After our exploration of Arabba this afternoon we drove back to Renato’s again for our 3:30pm meeting.  Not much joy!!   Graeme left his boots with Renato to be heated up and pushed out where they are hurting.   We then had to return at 6:45pm.   So back and forth we go again.  Stephanie was not there in the evening, so I don’t think Renato or his other worker could be bothered trying to communicate with us.   Renato pretty much ignored us and his co-worker just handed the boots for Graeme to try.   Graeme tried them on again but can’t really tell if there has been any major improvement.  A bit disappointing really since we bought 2 brand new pair of boots from him last week.   Graeme is now thinking that he might need to seek some help from Hubert when we get to France tomorrow.

Domani, andiamo in Francia!


2 thoughts on “I’ve broken Graeme

    1. We are only 2 hours drive from Venice. So if you feel the need to see Carnival in Venice in February…let us know. It’s not totally about skiing….well unless there’s powder snow! Hugs to you both for Christmas and the New Year!


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