Kebabs and Une vue magnifique

Georgie was a our tour guide today.  First stop was the largest nearest township called Bellegarde, where we visited the local Brico (Mitre 10 equivalent) and Carrefours (Warehouse on steroids equivalent), to buy various bits of equipment. We also picked up an egg flipper and wine glasses which are missing from our flat.  But no vegetable steamer or tongs…for those who know the story from our last trip to France..the french don’t do tongs.  For some strange reason…8 years later, we thought that they may have moved on…?   The vegetable steamer remains unattainable and it’s a bit of a necessity as our apartment doesn’t have a microwave and I absolutely hate boiling vegetables.

So…back to the tour.  For lunch, G took us to one of the most dodgy looking establishments we’ve been to in quite a while.  There’s a big Turkish community in Bellegarde and kebab shops are prolific.   Fighting through road works outside we entered a tiny shop which had all the ambience of a McDonalds – it even had a back-lit menu board like Macca’s.  Workmen in their muddy boots filled the tables. Not a woman to be seen. Drinks were a small selection of fizzy cans in a Red Bull fridge.  Not quite sure where G had brought us, we just asked her to order.  To our surprise, we were served one of the most delicious lunches we’ve had in a long time.  It was rotissiere lamb with fried onions, tomato, lettuce with a drizzle of yoghurt dressing all wrapped in Turkish flat bread.   Originally from Melbourne we would call this a “souvlaki” rather than a kebab, but having had a few in our time, we can attest it was one of the best.  The turkish bread was hot and fluffy and the meat was beautifully flavoursome.  Lip-smackingly good.

After lunch, Georgie drove us up to one of the tiny ski resorts that dot the Jura.  Alas, the Euro snow drought meant that it was closed up.  But it did allow us to access one of the walking tracks up to the top of a small peak and to a spectacular view of Geneva, Chamonix and Rhone valleys.   You could even see Mont Blanc, across the sea of inversion fog, blanketing Geneva and most of the Chamonix valley.   The pictures tell the story.

And then home for dinner.  Unfortunately some lovely bottles of wine were opened a little too early in the evening….and then things got messy!



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