Apres Ski at full noise

We started today with a skin up to our coffee spot at Plan Boe, but about 1/2 way up we got a call from Patsy who said that her daughter, Heidi was available this morning to help us with our Italian mobile phone mystery.

We’ve been having a bit of trouble understanding how our Italian mobile phone plan is working.  Gordon, our brother-in-law gave us the Tim Mobile sim card when we were last in Australia.  It still had a little credit on it and it was a “godsend” to be able to use a phone immediately we touched down in Milano at 5:30am to pick up our lease car.    But since then the charges have been coming thick and fast.  To be fair we used it a bit in France and I think it has charged us like “a wounded bull” for roaming outside of Italy.   But there does seem to be a problem with the phone converting to the “data plan” we’ve purchased. Hopefully Heidi can have a look at the website and or make a call to the Help Centre to sort out.

We met Heidi at a local cafe in town.  She was having a coffee with John, our neighbour who we’d yet to catch up with since our return from France.  John was a little disappointed that the snow was again “missing in action” after he experienced the same conditions last year.   But as he says and as we are indeed experiencing there is just so much piste available it’s hard to get bored.

Heidi lives in Canada with her husband and young 3 year old son, Austin.   She is visiting with Patsy & Mario to help them with their business and her husband will join her after Christmas.  Heidi went to primary school in NZ so her English is perfect, but so is her Italian, Ladino (local dialect) and German.   If she lives in Canada, she probably also speaks French too.    Aaah how good would it be to be bi-lingual?

Our lovely helpful Heidi
Our lovely helpful Heidi

The lovely girl did her best for us and even sat on the Italian help phone line for an eternity.  Like all call centres around the world, they don’t actually want you to get through to speak to anyone.  Finally after consulting the internet, and ringing a local Tim mobile re-seller, she learned the only way that you could actually get to speak to a real person was to choose the option that your phone had been stolen….even if hasn’t been.  Even Heidi shook her head at that one…”Only in Italy!…FFS”.     Finally Heidi got through and spoke to a real human and we think we’ve worked out the problem.   We can’t thank her enough for her persistence

After a quick bite to eat we headed out for a ski around our local area.   We had arranged to meet John at our usual morning coffee stop – Refugio Plan Boe.   What a transformation!   Everyone was packed inside the hut, and the apres ski was running at full noise!!

As we’re only 2 days away from the Winter solstice now, the sun disappears behind the tall mountains around 3:30pm and it’s completely dark by about 4:45pm which means a ski back to the village in the dark.   John goes to Plan Boe every day at 3pm for his mandatory beer and to watch the apres ski antics.  Sitting at our table was a Canadian fellow, who like John has been coming to Arabba for the last 15 years.   He doesn’t take his hat off for drinking or skiing!    We left the refugio with the last rays of light just making it possible for us to see.  We’ll bring a head torch next time.

At home for dinner tonight.  We are cooking up a storm.  Good ol’ fashioned “meat & 3 vege”.  Before we left the Jura, Georgie generously donated her steamer device which fits in the bottom of a saucepan.   I’m loving having green vegetables again.  With no microwave, the boiled vegetables have been turning out a mushy grey….yuk.

We turned on the TV in the apartment for the first time tonight and we were surprised to see that the “weather girl” was in fact a Colonel from the army.   We thought this rather funny since the main newsreader was a stunning & buxom brunette wearing fake glasses.  She kept taking them on & off while she was reading various news items.   From a country where some of the TV game hostesses are topless and weather girls in most Latino countries are skimpily clad, we were surprised at the very serious interpretation taken by the Italians about their weather!

An Italian "Weather Girl"?
An Italian “Weather Girl”?



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