Plan A, Plan B….oh let’s just go shopping!

Well we had a plan….!?

Alas strong, cold northerlies are blowing this morning and the cable-car we needed to access a special little valley between Cortina and Alta Badia was closed. Unfortunately we didn’t know this until we were almost there 😦 !

But we’d had fun getting there this morning. Graeme found an amazing children’s play ground all made out of timber. There was an incredible elephant constructed entirely from huge tree trunk sections. It was an amazing work of art.  And Graeme, being the big kid that he is…..

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So Plan B? We headed towards San Cassiano and then planned to loop back towards Passo Campolongo where we had parked the car . While the temperature was above zero, the wind chill made it seem much colder. The crowds have certainly arrived, although despite what looked like a bad queue at one of the gondolas, it moved remarkably well.

We were really at a bit of loss this morning for a Plan B. It was seriously cold and the slopes were really icy with any soft snow being blown off by the strong gusts of wind. We stopped at new refugio at the top of one of the lifts.  We had been admiring it when we’d passed by previously. But we were very disappointed. Expensive self-service food with no atmosphere whatsoever. It seemed very chaotic. We couldn’t quite figure out how you ordered and collected your food.

As a general rule we’ve stayed away from the bigger “corporate” style restaurants at gondola stations and instead we’ve chosen to have lunch at the many small family owned huts that dot the sides of the runs.   We’ve found their food to be a lot better, more affordable and their service quick & friendly. Plan B lunch venue today proved the rule… we had our food about 5 minutes after ordering.

Sometimes you just need to know when to “flag” a day. If we’d wanted to go ice-skating there’s a rink in our village and we’d use skating boots instead of our skis. So we called it quits about 2pm and came home to thaw out. We’re going for a shopping mission in our village when the stores open again at 4pm. I expect that my “shopping guru” mates, Steph & Leanne won’t believe me when I say that neither Graeme or I have visited any of the ski shops in the village despite being here for nearly a month now!   We’ve been to busy skiing!!

Well…1 hour later. We smacked our hands together…shopping done.  Seriously there are no shops of any interest here in Arabba.  There’s 3 ski rental shops that sell a bit of clothing & gear, but nothing else.  There’s one tourist shop with souvenirs, but it was closed and then it was just  a couple of small supermarkets, pharmacy, newsagency (with not a single publication in English),  butcher, baker and then the rest are bars & restaurants.  No homewares or local produce shops….I imagine Arabba would rate very poorly in my shopping guru’s opinions!

So back to the apartment to make sure that we have a Plan A & a solid Plan B for tomorrow!


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