Off to Church …Dolomiti style

I met John at the Arabba chairlift at 9:30am today.   Graeme is having another quiet day at home.

John has had a nasty cold and that combined with his tumble last night slowed him down to my speed.  Which is good.  I really don’t like skiing fast on the busy & firm piste runs of the Sellaronda.

Camera shy John. Note TC stickers!!
Camera shy John. Note TC helmet stickers!!

As I’ve mentioned, the runs close to Arabba are the most busy.  Having said that, most people are not early risers and the slopes really don’t fill up until about 10:30am.  And to date…despite all the dire warnings, we really haven’t struck a major lift queue.  I expect the combination of lack of snow and the sheer size of the lift capacity in the Dolomites is the reason.

John has been coming to Arabba for the last 15 years and he was the perfect tour guide today.  He took me to see a very old church sitting high (2045m) above the valley with the spectacular Santa Croce mountain range as its backdrop.  The sanctuary has been here since 1484 and is one of the many catholic pilgrimage churches.

I keep thinking how amazing the tramping would be here in the summer months.  Imagine…no sleeping bags, cooking or camping gear.  All you need is a change of underwear in the your backpack and a credit card as you wandered from village to village over the mountains.   John has been to the Dolomites in the summer and he tells me that all the fields are a brilliant green and dotted with colourful alpine flowers.  Sounds idyllic.

After lunch, we headed back to Arabba and I dropped John off at his nightly haunt…R.Plan Boe and he assumed his usual position in the back corner of the room.  After 15 years…everyone knows him.   He is rather like the Godfather of R.Plan Boe.

Not wanting to risk another run in the dark, I headed home to Graeme and to cook him a delicious steak topped with our dear friend Georgie’s home-made relish.  YUM!!

Bistecca and Georgie's home-made relish...yum!
Georgie’s delicious home-made relish! Tx G.




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