Significant chain dragging…and weather wars?

It’s sunny again today.

Over breakfast this morning, we went back over our calendar and worked out how many sunny days we’ve had since we’ve been Arabba. Out of  25 days only 1 day has been overcast and 3 days have been sunny but windy. Apart from that, every day has been sunny, still and cold.   I’ve given an occasional glance to the weather forecasts for both Melbourne and Wanaka and I think Arabba is definitely clocking up more sunshine hours despite the short winter days!

You just can’t stay indoors with weather like that. But it was Graeme’s turn to be reluctant about putting on the skis today. Somehow I managed to tempt him outside with the “carrot” of some high altitude coffee.  Unfortunately there were a few tears along the way.  We decided to ride the gondola and cable-car from Arabba that we have so far omitted from our itineraries.  Before Christmas neither had been open and after Christmas we have been busy tripping around.  From the top of the first gondola you have to negotiate a fairly steep red run that had been fairly mangled by the large numbers of skiers already up and early and circling the Sellaronda.  “Oh that was horrible!…my feet are cold…I’m cold all over…I can’t ski…I’m skiing like a “nanna”…..”   “For goodness sakes, Gra….”put your big boy pants on and let’s get down to the next lift and head up for that coffee!”

Despite my “toughen-up” approach, I did secretly sympathise.  He didn’t see me have my “not so small meltdown” on the steepest piste in the Dolomites yesterday although he suffered the consequences afterwards.    Actually, we are finding it better to ski the black runs.  Less people ski on them and they get less scraped. Also skiing earlier in the morning is a big help too.

And we found a fantastic place. Somewhere completely different than the traditional refugios and mountain hutte’s filled with wood carvings and traditional Euro mountain design. Located at the top of one of the cable cars we actually hadn’t ridden yet, this place was ultra modern with an enclosed sun-deck complete with funky white plastic recliner chairs.

Sunny spot for coffee. Love the chairs!
Sunny spot for coffee. Love the chairs!
This is nice!
This is nice!

Graeme sat down while I got him a coffee. Then he settled right in to read his Italian magazine. Shame he hasn’t learnt any Italian yet that doesn’t relate to food or beverage. “Doesn’t matter…I can look at the pictures can’t I?” “Sure thing honey”….and suddenly all hope getting Gra back on the slopes evaporated in the morning sunshine.

Right...I'm settled in for the morning.
Right…I’m settled in for the morning.

Finally…his stomach rumbled and it was time to find lunch!   So grumbling all the way we made it down the steep slopes to the Arabba valley floor and up the other side to the sunny Rifugio Bec de Roces.  The next photos say it all…..

Finally I sent Graeme home to get some happy pills and I did a few more runs, checking in on John at R.Plan Boe at apres-ski hour.  But no congo-line dancing for me tonight – home to cheer up the old fellow.

Apart from the nightly blogging job, I have become a little obsessed watching the weather forecasts.  And there definitely seems to be a discrepancy between the Italian Meteo and for Arabba.   One shows a bit of cloudy weather and cold temps on Wed/Thurs and the other shows a reasonable amount of snow.   Time will tell.meteoarabbasnow-forecast

But in looking at these weather maps, I confess that we are both suffering a moral dilemma!   Here we are having a 3 month holiday in one of the most beautiful areas in the world, it’s been sunny beautiful weather every day. We are skiing endless runs – up to 40km a day and while some of the slopes have been busy over this holiday period, we have never waited more than 5 minutes in a lift queue.  And we are having long faces because it’s not snowing!   “Seriously Gra – we’ve gotta get a grip!  We may just get what we wish for…”  You know how the saying goes.


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