Manfred the Maestro and will it snow tonight??

In a last ditch effort to fix Graeme’s boots, we headed over to Corvara to see Fritz at Sport Kostner this morning.  Graeme had spent last night with my hairdryer, melting plastic and trying to cajole his right boot into a new shape that keeps circulation flowing to his toes. For some reason he thinks this is the midst of his machinations, I overheard him mutter something about “gangrene?”    It does seem incredible to me that a brand and model of ski-boot that he has worn without a single moment of discomfort for over 10 years should now suddenly be savaging his feet like a possum trap.

The timing of our arrival at the shop was perfect.  Like all ski shops, 10 – 12 am is dead. It’s the only time to see staff about boot fitting. Even better, Manfred…the boot fitting “maestro” was in attendance.  While his English was not quite as good as Fritz, the personable young fellow we’d met previously – it was still excellent.  And he certainly knew his stuff.  Gra now has a new pair of flexible footbeds and the initial feeling is that Manfred has fixed the problem.  Fingers crossed.

Next, well coffee of course.  We’ve mentioned before that Corvara is quite ritzy compared to our little Arabba.  We asked Manfred & Fritz to recommend a coffee spot and they suggested “the L’Got” which was literally across the street.  As with most of the shops and restaurants in Corvara, L’Got was stylish.  We were wondering whether we were about to purchase the most expensive espresso in the trip so far.  Not so.  But even at midday, the bartenders were busy mixing cocktails and aperol spritz’s.  We even spied the most superior of gin’s sitting in the rack!

One of the things that takes a bit of getting used to is the shopping hours here in the Dolomiti.   8am -12noon and then 4 – 7pm, with most shops closed all day on Sundays.  What does everyone do for 4 hours in the middle of the day?   I guess if you live here in the mountains you go skiing, but apparently it’s so you can have a siesta?  Makes sense in the southern parts of Italy where the summer temperatures are above 40C during the middle of the day…but here?

With no exercise today, we wanted a light lunch and luckily we found the perfect place. A tea salon that served small panini and cake with a huge selection of tea to choose from.   Being partial to a vanilla tea, we discovered a most delicious blend of vanilla and bourbon black tea and whiled away the afternoon sipping our tea.

On the way back to Arabba we passed the “unofficial” campervan parking area.  These road menances are alive & well in the Dolomiti!  I remember a friend from Wanaka waxing lyrical about an endless camper trip around Europe. All I remember about campers is spending a freezing night at Mt Cook with the heater giving off so much condensation that it was raining inside….not something I’d care to repeat. Give me our nice warm Arabba apartment any day.

Campervans alive & well in Dolomiti
Campervans alive & well in Dolomiti

To end our leisurely day we enjoyed an aperitif at Bar Heidi, which is staggering distance up the hill from our apartment…or rather I should say staggering distance downhill home to our apartment.   They play great music…not a German drinking song to be heard on the play list.  Cool jazz & 80’s classics all at a level where you can still have a conversation ….my we’re showing our age!

And as we ready ourselves for bed tonight, a light sprinkle of snow is starting to fall on our skylight.  Graeme was so excited that he rushed downstairs to take photos.  Well, by morning we’ll see which forecasting service was right.  The one predicting 15cm or the other 2cm?



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