No such thing as bad weather…just poor clothing!

According to a Google search….the saying “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing” is a German proverb.

Well today I was determined not to be cold.  I was “snap-chatted” by my mate Stephanie from Invercargill in the midst of my clothing selection process this morning.   So, Steph… this is what I came up with today!

You just cannot get lulled into thinking it’s going to be warm merely because the sun is shining.  Gino & Gina (the GPS) were both shivering this morning. Gina was showing -14C.  Even the anti-freeze window washing liquid had frozen in Gino’s tubes!

Gina says it's -14C this morning!
Gina says it’s -14C this morning!

Saturdays are a great day to go skiing.  I had forgotten about “change-over” day in the Alps. Most ski holidays are in week blocks, Sat to Sat.  All the people leaving the resort are packing up and those arriving generally don’t have time to ski on their first day.  Sundays on the other hand are when there are maximum crowds – those newly arrived for the week, weekend and day trippers.   But tomorrow is the last day of the Italian Christmas holidays…just like Wanaka it will be interesting to see how empty the slopes and roads are on Sunday and then on Monday.   We have purposely not travelled too far in the car this weekend to avoid any possible traffic jams.

Well we both hit our “mojo” this morning and did our biggest day’s vertical as we lapped the big cable car out of Arabba this morning – 6,890m vertical.    Of course this deserved a delicious lunch at one of our favourite places…Refugio Fodom.  You can already see the fault in our logic here, but hey…there’s no scales in our bathroom!


This Refugio has some of the best food we’ve had so far in the Dolomiti.  Graeme’s gorgonzola gnocchi was melt in your mouth. And while we didn’t order the “T-bone” steak, we were treated to the “show performance” as the waitress performed surgery on the brontesauras sized T-bone creating slices to be delivered to our neighbour’s table.

The drama of the T-bone
The drama of the T-bone
The quirky interior of R.Fodom
The quirky interior of R.Fodom

And lastly on the way home after few more runs…we continue to collect candidates for our 2016/17 ski fashion crime awards.  Here’s todays entries.


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