Did we break our vertical record???

I asked Gra what I should write about today?

He wants to know if we broke our record for vertical metres skied this morning.   It’s now late afternoon and he is currently wrestling with the washing duties….more about this in a moment.

Yesterday we thoroughly enjoyed lapping the 900m vertical run from the top of the Arabba cable car to the valley floor – we did it 3 times then, but we’re both trying to think how many times we went up & down this morning?  We both can’t remember!   Yup …the short-term memory is on it’s way out.  Good thing I’m writing this blog, by the time we get back to Wanaka we won’t even remember that we’ve been in Italy!!

So after “x” number of laps on the skis this morning, we were back to the apartment by 2pm. Alas, it’s “Domestic Domenica (Sunday)”  at “Appartamento Oxley” today.  Sheet & towel washing, floor sweeping and mopping [there’s no vacuum cleaner for our apartment] and also bathroom cleaning!  As I am on floor cleaning duties, I have finally convinced Gra to leave his big snow boots outside the door.

But Gra has the hardest job!  Our washing machine is located down two flights of internal stairs and then you have to go outside, around the side of the building and down an external flight of stairs to the basement ski room and laundry.  For the first few weeks we struggled with our front loading German labelled washing machine.  Either we had no clue how to work it or it’s broken.  Our first attempts saw us on wash cycle for 4 hours!  It’s amazing that our clothes didn’t dissolve!  We even downloaded the English instruction manual for the model from the internet to double check if we were doing something wrong.   Nope!  After Graeme swore at the machine in three languages, it appears that he has managed a “work around”, where he sets a time for each cycle –  wash, rinse and spin. But unfortunately it does mean 4 trips down & up the stairs for each load.

Today’s weather was a lot milder only about -3C.  Positively balmy.  Although I have lost complete faith in the Italian meteo who were predicting sun and no precipitation?  We had snow showers coming through all morning and the other side of our valley was closed for high winds.

From our regular morning coffee spot
From our regular morning coffee spot

Tomorrow we are heading to another corner of the Dolomiti Universe – Planet: Valle Isarco.  It’s so far we’re going to have engage warp factor 2 and take an overnight bag!

“Yeah, yeah….but did we break our record?” asks my domestic god from the couch.






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