Plose, please.

After a delicious meal in the hotel restaurant last night and a deep sleep in the most incredibly comfortable bed…we confess to being total sloths and taking our time to leave this lovely family run hotel this morning!   So much for “going hard” today!   Even if we were motivated enough to give our daily vertical record a crack today, there wasn’t really much at Plose other than the 1400m run to the valley floor that would help us get close to our record.

Plose is really the local resort for Bressanone, the town of 25,000 people on the valley floor.   While it’s over 2000+m, it has a lovely sunny aspect which makes it difficult for them to make and keep their snow.  All their lifts were open, and again like Gitschberg and Jochtal, while there is real potential here for off-piste and touring, there just hasn’t been any snow.

But we had some fun here.  Particularly the run down to St Andrea where we were staying.  With a length of 9km from the summit of Plose, the run had a great fall line, no-one skiing on it and the man-made stuff was in good condition.  We lapped it a couple of times.

Along the way today, we met a lovely fellow, who really had a moustache to be proud of.  It was so big, each end touched the sides of his helmet.  “O bearded friends”…take note.  [not mentioning names, Chris, Rod & Pick!]…definitely a facial adornment to aspire to.

Plose as a resort was very laid back and we loved the sunny and still weather.  At the end of the day, we stopped at a chalet at the bottom of the last piste to bask in the last of the afternoon sunshine.   During our time here, I have been seeing lots of people drinking the Aperol Spritzer which is a bright orange “Fanta” coloured drink  and also this very small yellow creamy drink.   It’s called the Bombadino (“the bomb”) and it’s truly wicked…hot brandy egg nog, cinnamon and extra cream.   Good thing it’s only served in a very small glass…it’s incredibly delicious and ….incredibly bad for you.

My first bombardino!
My first bombardino!

From the tone of the posters hung on the walls around this “last-stop” mountain bar and the services available from a vending machine in their men’s toilets, we suspect that this place is a bit of a “party venue” late into the night.

I'm sorry but the English pronunciation is always funny
I’m sorry – but the English pronunciation is always funny








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