Winter hiking in the freezing sunshine

Back in Arabba today.

We’ve had another dusting of snow overnight but it’s dawned sunny and cold again. We’re giving the legs a break from skiing today and we’re heading out on a hike instead.

Graeme found an excellent circuit track of about 4 hours that took us from our village up the side of our valley into the sunshine then alongside one the ski runs to a chalet where we enjoyed a nice hot bowl of soup.

We could really get used to this type of hiking. The trails are very well marked and all along the way are a myriad of places to stop for a drink, food or toilet stop. Even though the track is steep and relentless, the thought of an espresso waiting for us at the top was pretty motivating! Imagine if there was a cafe on the top of Mt Iron….how good would that be?

During the walk,  in a snowy section of the track, we noticed an unusual footprint.  It looked very much like a lady ahead of us was hiking in high heels!   We think we caught up with her after lunch and she was an older lady (in her 70’s?).  She seemed very sure footed despite the totally ridiculous footwear.  Given this is the Alps….she’s was probably a famous, but fashion conscious Italian mountaineer in her day?

High Heels Hiking?
High Heels Hiking?

Back at the apartment we’ve settled in for an early night.  There’s still that daily vertical metre record that needs to be broken as Graeme has reminded me.   Oh joy!




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