Still finding “gems” and that vertical record.

It’s toally amazing that after skiing 25 days here in the Dolomites, we are still finding new ski runs and riding new lifts. This morning’s routine started with our usual 900m laps from the cable car, coffee at our funky chair place and then we search out a nice place for lunch. Welcome to our Dolomiti Universe where we lurch from lunch to lunch.

Outside Baita Gherdaccia
Outside Baita Gherdaccia

Today we found a lovely place called Baita Gherdaccia over in the Belvedere area of Val di Fassa. So far our favourite lunch places have been Baita Daniel in Val Gardena, Refugio Fodom at Passo Pordoi and now B. Gherdaccia joins the list. Here we were treated to a complimentary glass of Prosecco and delicious appetiser of spinach and ricotta pastry. We had a lovely attentive waitress and our own sommelier.

We are starting to learn a lot more about wines. In particular we’ve become fond of a lighter red variety called Langrein.  It’s a grape variety native to the Sud Tyrol region of Italy, ie., north-eastern border with Austria.  It’s like a pinot noir…but not.  Related to the syrah grape, Langrein has more body than a pinot noir but with a similar light ruby red colour.   Talking with the sommelier from our hotel in St.Andrea, it is unlikely that we will ever find any these wines outside the Sud Tyrol area.  The volume produced is so small that almost all of it is consumed locally or sent overseas on private order.

After lunch we headed a little further around the Sellaronda and discovered a huge statue of a steer outside what we understand to be a famous steak restaurant. We didn’t go inside, but it looks promising for a future visit…although I’m not sure we could eat a steak at lunch time and still make it back to Arabba on our skis.

Heading back to Arabba, we caught up with John and his family at R.Boe. We had a nice chat with his son Steve and also met up with Patsy and her daughter Heidi and grandson Austin. Here was a chance to solve one mystery. Yes, the blue ribbons on the cars mean that a baby boy has been born to the owner of the car. A white ribbon means…just married and a pink ribbon means a baby girl. Good guess hey?

The mysterious blue ribbons.
The mysterious blue ribbons.

And finally without even seeming to try ….we beat our vertical record.  We are definitely more ski fit now.  Also the extra weight we’ve gained from our daily gourmet lunches also helps our downhill momentum considerably!



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