Bread disasters and “infine, la neve arriva!”

We have a major problem with bread in Italy. We can’t figure it out? We know they do great foccacia’s and ciabatta, but we just can’t find them in our little village. There are endless dry toast/ biscuit like “packaged breads” available at the mini-market or you can buy a supposedly fresh dark rye or white roll. But you pretty much have to eat them within 3 hours or they dry out completely and turn rock hard. Our apartment in addition to not having a corkscrew, steamer or electric jug also did not have a pop-up toaster. We have since bought all these things, but we also now know why the Italians don’t “do pop up toasters”. Their “bread” does not toast. Being so dry, putting it in a toaster is like dropping a match on a grass paddock on a total fire ban day. It just goes up in smoke!

That’s smoke in the light and black toast

We’ve only ever managed give the bread a light suntan by using the lowest setting and standing diligently by the release mechanism if there’s any sign of smoke or flames. Most of the time, if the bread is more than a day old…you can’t even cut it. Here’s Gra trying to make toast this morning!!

So… no toast this morning…”no problemo” –  Gra compensated with a nutella filled croissant washed down by 2 espresso lungi’s at morning tea!

Forget the bread…finally after 44 days in Italy & France, where just about every day has been sunny, cold and still, it’s finally snowing. The forecast is predicting snow just for today, but for the first time it’s real fluffy snowflakes and the ground is starting to look white instead of brown. We’re still a long way from having a base for off-piste skiing…but we’ll take what we can get and like all storm days, if you ski early and pick your runs, you can be skiing “boot-top” all morning even on the piste.

Graeme and I love skiing in a snow-storm.  We’re odd that way. Certainly there were few people out and about today – it was also -8C and with the wind, probably about -15C.   Our lunch venue was so quiet that the wait staff thought they’d increase their efficiency by cracking open a bottle of wine and having a tipple during the lunch hour.   And lastly…another candidate for our ski fashion crime competition!  This one piece was luminous yellow/green with a pink belt and detailing – see stylish elbow patches. He wasn’t a small man…but he obviously also had a big personality to carry it off.

Back at the apartment around 3pm, Gra was so enthused, he’s been downstairs in the cold apartment garages tuning up our skis.  Despite a lack of heating, it’s a great set-up down there. And it’s a time when Graeme and Carlo do a bit of male bonding.  Neither of them can communicate in any common language but Carlo seems to admire Graeme’s ski tuning skills.

It’s hard work with our landlords.  Our lack of language skills is a real barrier.  They can speak 3 languages, Italian, German and the local dialect Ladin…so what’s wrong with us?

Graeme tuning our skis
Graeme tuning our skis



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