Non è successo niente

Today.  Nothing happened.  Ditto for yesterday.

We’ve both come down with head colds.  Nothing serious, but our apartment is awash with tissues and the bottle of pure pseudoephedrine tablets that I wisely procured from my doctor before leaving Wanaka is taking a hammering.  Given the good side effects of “P” we’re not feeling that bad and we’ve managed to get out in the village for our morning coffee at 11am each day, returning for a light lunch in the sun on our balcony followed by a “nanna nap”.   Once awake again, in the evening, we cook a light dinner and watch a movie.  “Bridget Jones Baby” was surprisingly good, but tonight Gra is on the couch totally absorbed in his book “The Martian” by Andy Weir, which I just couldn’t put down and promptly finished in record time.  Seems like he’s similarly absorbed.

Balcony lunches
Balcony lunches

As I am typing this tonight, we are feeling much recovered after 48 hours of cocooning ourselves in our warm little nest.

Just a little note of thanks to all those who recently contacted us to find out if we were OK after the reports of an avalanche/ earthquake in central Italy.  It’s a big country and we’re a long way away from this area.  We can’t believe that Keiko & Al McLaughlin contacted us from Japan and Andrew Turnbull from South Africa…..our highly connected world is truly amazing.   Although, Andrew admitted that he just wanted to know if he needed to make a trip to NZ to pick up his wine.  [Gra has left Andrew our wine collection in his will. ]

Tomorrow we are planning to head north to see a World Cup Biathlon in Antholz near Brunico about an 1.5 hour drive to the north of us.   While the temperatures have warmed considerably since the beginning of the week, we have laid out all our warmest gear…we’ve got this winter clothing totally sorted now!   Just hoping that spectators are not drug tested like the athletes.  Our current “P” habit will be a problem.


2 thoughts on “Non è successo niente

  1. Hej you two..
    that was something new for you ..they are mad about the Biathlon
    thanks for thinking of me ..yes I know those fellers …but can listen only a short time to the stuff
    you have to be drunk ..
    keep going interesting info you put on..
    cheers Guenter so as Irma


    1. Well Guenter I’m not surprised you know this band, but pleased you can only survive their music well lubricated! We are enjoying the most relaxing and luxurious skiing holiday you could imagine. Who needs snow? Just beautiful, sunny still days …day after day after day. What a place!


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