Back in the saddle again…e una nuova lavatrice

Well it’s been 7 days since we last skied.   Shock, horror!

But it’s a beautiful sunny day and slightly warmer, only about -2C during the middle of the day. And while it’s hard to imagine, today we found some new places to go in our own backyard of the Sellaronda.   We rode 3 new lifts and skied 4 runs that we hadn’t been on before.   The mind boggles.   We still have 3 other planets of Universe Dolomiti to visit before the end of February and we haven’t even been to Planet Cortina yet!

Today we headed up to the highest piste on the Sellaronda, the Vallon. We’re not quite sure why it’s taken us this long to ski this run as it’s actually quite close to Arabba.   The views from the top were breathtaking.

To our surprise, a little away from the ski-run is a large mountain refuge.   It does seem so incredible to see these permanent structures above 2500m.  This refuge is called  Utia F.Kostner and is only open in the summer.  Obviously hikers and climbers use it as a base.  Also attracting our attention is a huge gap in the canyon like walls of the Sellaronda.   We are thinking we might hike up to take a closer look as soon as we are back to peak fitness.

Huge crack in Sellaronda wall
Huge crack in Sellaronda wall

Next stop was to ride a couple of poma’s that had missed our hit list.  One of them is through the trees and is the lift for a favourite run of Graeme’s.   And then of course to lunch where we enjoyed the antics of a group of work collegues – they all had matching green jackets emblazoned with “Grundig”.    We are surprised at how many big groups of men we see on the slopes, especially from Germany and the Eastern European states like Czech Republic and Russia.  I wonder if their wives are with them but not skiing or they are on a “boys only trip”?

Nothing like the sun shining on your beer!
Nothing like the sun shining on your beer!
Lovely Chough decals on the window frames
Lovely Chougha decals on the window frames

Much excitement this morning before we left.   We were checking in with Gabi our lovely landlady to let her know that we had friends coming to stay on Thursday this week. It’s always a fraught interaction, mainly because she speaks, Ladin (the local language) first, German second and Italian third.   I have begged her “Per favore, parlare solo italiano!” Google translate has been our saviour.  But this morning she was excited to tell us that a new washing machine was being delivered.   “La lavatrice è “kaput”!!”   “No kidding?” We wanted to tell her about G’s trials and tribulations with the evil machine …but given our lack of Italian we just nodded enthusiastically!   “Bravo, signora, bravo!”


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