Records tumble, tummies rumble..

We have an ambitious plan today, but H&M are serious skiers.  And they are fast….!  H was a ski racer in his youth and he only knows two speeds – flat out and stop.  M is also deceptively fast, probably due to skiing with H all these years.   But Marie makes high speed skiing look so effortless.  I should know…I’m inevitably bringing up the rear.   My brain disconnects from my limbs after 30km/hr….mainly due to the pure terror pumping into my blood stream.

Of course it was a beautiful sunny day…is there any other kind in the Dolomiti?  We were first over to the Marmolada glacier to luxuriate in an un-crowded run down.  Here’s the clip…please turn to slow motion to see Hubert as he flies past at warp speed.  And he’s on tele’s!

Then back over to Arabba for our regular coffee stop.  Good news, my lovely man (whose name I will ensure I get next time), was back in attendance and making us his usual high standard of coffee.

Coffee time.. Marie relaxing!
Coffee time.. Marie relaxing!

Next on to the Sellaronda.  It was quite busy.  We forget how busy the Sellaronda can be. We generally avoid these areas now.    Having said that, the longest we waited in a lift queue was about 5 minutes and that was just because they were fixing something with one of the chairs.

Lunch was at one of our favourite places:  Baita Gherdeccia.  Fantastic service and delicious food.

Back out on to the slopes again after lunch to complete our route around the mountain, ending our day watching the sunset over a bombadino at our newest little discovery at Campalongo.

A fantastic day, with great friends and a new record for us!   I did mention we were skiing with the champs!


And then to the evening.  We decided to just stay in for tonight, pending a try-out of a new restaurant in town tomorrow evening before H&M leave us on Sunday.   We have been gifted with a special Lyonaise saucisson.   It’s called an “oh Jesus” because…well…it’s so big. We think that’s what it’s called because sometimes we lose H’s humour in translation.  But suffice to say we gave it a nudge with some cheese, gherkins, olives and chips washed down with some good Italian wine.  Followed by my home-made curry.  [There is a reason why I’m describing this food intake in detail, which will become apparent in a moment.]

And finally, of course another little tipple of hazelnut grappa before heading to bed with suitably weary leg muscles.   Alas around mid-night I awoke to some strange noises coming from my stomach and a certainty that unless I made it to the bathroom very quickly, all was about to go horribly wrong.





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