And then there were three…

Well it’s a long time since I turned myself inside out quite as well I did all the rest of last night.  Memories of the “Istanbul intestinal incident” in 2015 came flooding back (bad choice of words), but this bout made that 2015 bout pale into insignificance even compared to one Mr M. Barton!!   Needless to say, I was nothing but a limp trembling little waif huddling in my bed come morning.

By some miracle, H&M slept through the horrendous noises emanating from the bathroom and our bedroom during the wee hours of the morning.  And of course I was terribly concerned that I had given them food poisoning with my curry, but no…all good for the Frenchies.    Thank goodness.

And so today… Graeme will be making the blog entry, while I continue to practice keeping lemonade down.

Well guess who’s writing this???? After a very unpleasant night with Andy firing from both ends, the day dawned with “I can’t possibly go skiing. You’ll have to take Hubert and Marie on your own”. After breaking the news to H & M and many “désolé’s”, the remaining three musketeers boarded the first cable car for a leg warmer down our favourite black run in Arabba called “the Burz”.  Hubert was in his element blitzing it at warp speed on the beautifully groomed corduroy.  You couldn’t wipe the smile from his face, while Marie & I followed at a more sedate pace behind. Then it was off on a bit of a mystery tour for H & M.
I was taking them to the Lagazoui which Andy and I had done a few days earlier – the day was of course bluebird yet again. We headed over to a lovely cafe for a coffee on route to Armenterola to pick up a taxi for the trip to Passo Falzarego. We rode the cable car to the Lagazuoi and then did another blinding speed run down the front sunny side of the mountain and back to the cable car – did I mention that Hubert likes to ski fast!!!
Back on the cable car – but as we were going through the turnstile the head count clicked over to 80 people just after Hubert and I went through but poor Marie was locked out on the other side. The operator won’t let you wait at the base station once you pass through the turnstile you must board the cable car and ride it to the top. So Hubert and I waited patiently on the panorama deck in the sun – not really a hardship, did I mention it was sunny – and even a little warmer!
We then headed off down this most spectacular run to our lunch destination- Refugio Scotone which we had only visited briefly on our previous trip. We sat outside on the deck in the sun I actually thought this was strange as last time we were here at this time it was bitterly cold and all in the shade. I got Marie to ask the waitress if the sun was going to disappear behind the spectacular peak behind us to which she replied “cinque minuti” at which point we moved to a table inside and sure enough 5 minutes later the whole deck was in the shade and of course now all the indoor tables were occupied as all their other skiers scrambled inside to grab a table.
After quite an early lunch – including a torta (cake) for desert – a first for us, we headed off down the trail for a surprise rendezvous with the famous “horse lift”. This time I was brave enough to video part of the trip behind the sleigh. As we jumped on the next lift Hubert complained that he shouldn’t have had that cake. It wasn’t agreeing with him – Oh no!
We continued on, blaming the cake for his bloated feeling. Next stop was the World Cup Giant Slalom course at La Ville to allow Hubert to re-live some of his racing youth. Last time we visited La Ville it was closed for preparation.  I can now confirm it is steep and it is icy and it is scary!!! Hubert loved it and of course skied it slowly and cautiously – not!!
Hubert in the start gate
Hubert in the start gate
We slowly headed  back to Arabba to check on patient Andy, but for some reason H didn’t want to stop for a Bombardino!   O’ oh!
As soon as we got to the appartment it was straight to the toilet for H and poor old Andy still wasn’t great.  With her excellent command of the Italian language, Marie headed up to the village Farmacia to see what she could get to help us both.  It was a long visit and she explained that the pharmacist was very friendly and liked to know all about his customers before getting down to business.  With two other people ahead of her in the queue, it took a long time to get the drugs she needed.  But she did learn that there is a very strong gastro virus going around the town at the moment!  Perfect!!   We also learned that “Immodium” is a universal brand.
Two down, two still standing. Marie and I abandoned the infectious diseases ward and headed out for a pizza!!!



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