Still missing in action…Andy …and la neve!

I truly tried.  I put on my long johns, ski socks and then as a wave of nausea washed over me, a prickly cold sweat broke out and the room spun…. I surrendered.   Back to bed for me!   Although on the positive side,  like a re-conditioned radiator that has had all the holes bunged …I’m finally holding water!  More importantly also rice, bananas & porridge.   “Baby steps, baby steps …Andy!”

So over to Graeme….

Well Monday dawned as Andy and I dressed for a morning ski but as we approached the front door, there was hesitation and Andy stopped and said “I can’t go”. All was still not well on the stomach front! As Andy settled back onto the couch I thought I might just head out for a quick morning skin on a forest trail I had had my eye on.

Alas there was more gravel than snow so after a 100m walk in ski boots carrying my skis I decided to abort and jump on the gondola and head up to a high plateau above Arabba and ski tour around and see what I could find. But first a coffee at our favourite spot at the top of the gondola station. The crowd on the top lifts crossing to the Mamolada was crazy so I asked my friendly barista why?  “Is it a public holiday?  Italian school holidays or what?” He scratched his head and thought it might be due to a local Carnivale holiday?

After my heart starter I headed off with no particular plan. I spied a rocky knoll in the distance and 40 mins of skinning later I booted up to the top in a mixture of rock, tussock, snow and ice. After a quick drink I headed back towards the piste and straight back to the cafe for another coffee and after a quick discussion with the barista about where my wife was I was talked into a large slice of what can only be described as a plate of cream and chocolate with a bit of cake mixed in!

By this time I was ready for the decent back to Arabba and lunch with the still poorly Andy.


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