Sellaronda by car

Today, Gra kindly agreed to take a day off skiing and take me for a drive.  Secretly, I’m a little nervous about the driving part given the twisty mountain road and my tender tummy.  But I’m sooo “over” my bed!

Plan is to do the Sellaronda by road, over the high passes,  Pordoi and Sella for morning tea at Selva di Val Gardena or “Selva” as the locals call it, then over the Passo Gardena to Colfosco for lunch and then, Corvara for afternoon tea.   How civilised.  Not that I will be tucking into any gnocchi gorgonzola in a hurry!   It will be cups of tea and maybe some barley soup for me.

There are 4 quadrants making up the “Sellaronda”, the 2 to the north  (Val Gardena & Alta Badia(Corvara) are heavily Austrian/German influenced and the southern quarters, Val di Fassa and Arabba/Marmolada are Italian/local Fodom culture speaking Ladin.   Every sign in the northern half has 2 names – the German and the Italian and in the south – Italian and the local dialect Ladin.   It does make trying to understand the language quite confusing especially for Gina the GPS.   She really struggles to find place names the closer we get to the Austrian border as she doesn’t know which place name to choose.


It’s quite a different experiencing the Sellaronda by road, but apparently in the summer months this route is an equally popular circuit for motor bikers and road cyclists.  Our friend Gavin, from Wales mentioned to us that he has guided trips through this area in the summer.

Selva is one of the towns where the skiers have to cross the road.  They have a unique solution – traffic lights to stop the traffic and gates to stop the skiers hurtling out on to the road, as the piste literally stops by the roadside.

After a coffee and a chamomile tea for me, it was back over Passa Gardena to Colfosco, a pretty mountain town in the Alta Badia quarter.  The road is close to the piste here and it’s a little disconcerting to see skiers moving down the slopes faster than we can drive!!   Lunch was at a lovely family owned restaurant in one of the slope-side hotels.

And finally our day ended at Corvara where we were tempted back to our a little tea house that we’ve been to previously.  Serving our favourite bourbon vanilla flavoured tea, we settled in for the afternoon to watch light snow showers sprinkle down around us.  Maybe, just maybe there will be heavier snow tonight?

And lastly, another paparazzi moment in our collection of photos for ski fashion disasters.  These photos were hurriedly snapped in Colfosco while at lunch. For obvious reasons, in a crowded lunch room, I needed to be a little circumspect in snapping off a photo.  But this zebra suit was quite something and the photos don’t really do it justice!






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