WW1 history by ski touring

Another day ski touring today.  Cold temperatures overnight kept the snow nice and fluffy for most of the morning.  We decided to make a bit of a journey to see some of the caves & trenches that were dug into the side of the mountains between Arabba and the Marmolada during WW1.

The caves we found at Col de Scofe are quite large with a big living space (?) carved out behind a set of interconnected “rock windows” where I expect large guns were placed pointing east down the valley.  I am trying to find out on Google whether these caves were dug by the Italians or the Austrians, but no luck so far.  I’m guessing the Austrians as this was their front line.   Imagine how cold and miserable it would have been here above 2000m in the winter in 1915?  It’s fine for us, the sun was shining on a lovely warm day and then we go home to a warm apartment and a hot meal!  The men of WW1 were definitely made of sterner stuff.

Before lunch we had a look at another possible ski tour which starts quite high at 2400m at Passo Padon and then descends right down  through the forest to the road leading into Arabba.  Unfortunately, there’s still not quite enough snow to cover the huge limestone boulders which fall from the rocky peaks above.  But it’s close, just another good snowfall will do the trick!

With the sun really heating things up on the south facing slopes we spent the afternoon on the shady northerly-west faces.  The touring legs are slowly getting back in shape…but definitely a few more days are required. We’ve got a bit fat and lazy just skiing around on the piste… it’s great to be back in the “ski-touring saddle” again!  Here’s a little clip from yesterday.  We realise we’re pretty hopeless at filming.  We really need our nephew-in-law, Dylan to be with us.  He’s the camera-man extraordinaire!!


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