Back to church and a German lunch

Bad weather forecast today.  Well…it depends on your definition of bad…for us the forecast is predicting snow by afternoon and into the evening.  Fingers crossed!!!

Plan was to take Graeme on the “ski tour la Croce”, which is an on-piste journey slightly off the main drag of the Sellaronda. This was the trip I did with John while Gra was resting up back before New Year.   The conditions were slightly different this time!

We ducked into a busy slope-side restaurant and ended up sharing a table with three Germans, who of course spoke very good english.   I often wonder what would happen if we told people (and in particular) Germans we were from England or Australia rather than New Zealand?

Without fail, as soon as we say we’re from  “Nuova Zelanda” people are intrigued enough to continue conversing with us.  I know of course, that saying we’re from New Zealand is controversial for some of our born & bred kiwi friends because of our convict heritage.   But after 17 years living in NZ and with me a real live card carrying citizen….where else do I say we are from???     If it makes those “local sticklers” feel better, we do clarify at all times that we were in fact born in Australia but currently live in NZ.  Phew…glad we got that sorted.

Niels, Andrea and Kirsten
Niels, Andrea and Kirsten

And again, the “Siamo dalla Nuova Zelanda” worked a treat and the ice was broken.  We weren’t quite sure what the deal was with our three germans, but it turns out that Niels was there on his own and Andrea & Kirsten were a couple and we were all sharing the table together.  A lovely conversation ebbed and flowed.  Of course they were interested to hear about NZ and we were keen to know where they lived and where they liked to visit in Europe.  Niels was from Hamburg and Andrea & Kirsten -Cologne.  Niels was retired. Andrea worked for the Ford Motor Co. and Kirsten as a legal advisor to an insurance company.   Like us, they all loved Planet Dolomiti for the incredible scenery, endless skiing and fantastic food.   Andrea and I had a great laugh comparing our experiences working for US car companies, while Graeme talked to Niels about his recent trip to Greenland.  [ Oh no…he’s googling Greenland as I am typing this!  FFS!]

Outside light snow was falling but the conversation and company was so good we had a lovely long lunch….so long that we were a little concerned that we weren’t going to make it back to Arabba before the last lift.  “Pedal to the Metal” as the snowfall increased into the late afternoon and we did manage to get the last lift back to Arabba.

And always…if you keep your camera handy…there’s always a ski fashion crime to be snapped!

Ski Fashion Crime!!
Ski Fashion Crime!!



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