Max vert: but at a civilised pace!

The crew were kind to me today!   We didn’t have Hubert “Warp Speed” Teste along!  There was also a nice couple of off-piste runs on the shaded faces around the Sellaronda to keep the pace varied.

Just lots of fun skiing and chair-lift conversation and a cute little spot for lunch.  Photos tell the story.

Top of Marmolada
Top of Marmolada
Down through the off piste
Down through the off piste
Snuggling up at Lunchtime
Snuggling up at Lunchtime

It was fairly late by the time we got back to Arabba.  Well…it’s always important to end the day with a prosecco  at the last bar..I mean it would be positively rude not to!  As a consequence of our late finish,  Jane’s going to stay another night and head back to Dobbiaco tomorrow morning.  Good thinking.

As we settle in with our cups of tea after dinner, I see that Jane has surreptitiously moved away from Graeme and his Ipad, which is already tuned to another biathlon race!


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