Warsaw comes to Obereggen

Note for oneself.  Never watch this youtube clip and then drive on Italian mountain roads to spend the day skiing with Eastern European skiers!    We are on the way to a region called Val di Fiemme, for a visit to the first of two ski areas of the Dolomiti Universe that we have yet to visit – Obereggen and San Martino.   Today it’s Obereggen.

We didn’t realise that this ski resort was actually a suburb of Warsaw Poland, but the car registration plates in the carpark gave us a good clue.

Don’t get me wrong, we had a great day skiing here.  The snow was in great condition on the piste and if there had been enough snow, the off-piste terrain looked amazing. However it is the first time I have struck fairly aggressive ski tactics.   Admittedly, it is one of the busiest weeks of the whole ski season and to date we have managed to avoid most of the crowds on the Sellaronda with our touring trips.   But today, I had the backs of my skis continually trampled over, poles planted in front of my skis while trying to ski off the chairlift ramp, and about three seriously close calls with snowboarders hurtling down completely out of control. Perfect training for skiing at Cardrona or a TC powder day chinese downhill!   But there’s nothing that quite compares to a bit of Eastern Euro machismo fuelled by grappa when it comes to completely out of control skiers on the piste.   Graeme just told me to ski faster to get out of the way.   I refer to the above video Graeme!! …”the bigger the speed, the bigger the mess!!!”

We really did like this area.  The resort is spread over 3 valleys, with access points from the towns of Predazzo, Pampeago and Obereggen.  We were going to use the Predazzo gondola, but it wasn’t possible to ski to the valley floor and our car, which at the end of the day can mean a long wait in a big queue to download on a gondola.  Gra had cunningly sussed this out and we instead accessed the area from Pampeago in the middle valley.  We skied every lift and piste and marvelled at the terrain that would be available for both lift accessed off-piste and ski touring.  We both decided that if we return to Planet Dolomiti in a good snow year, we will make a bee-line for Obereggen.

Now for a bit of fun.  Even though we are now officially both quinquagenarians, we can still act like little kids.   Above the gondola from Predazzo is a rollercoaster ride.   Here’s the clip!

Ridiculous sled ride!
Ridiculous sled ride!

Great day, but it’s been super warm!  As we drove back to Arabba, we saw a number on Gina’s display that we’ve not seen the whole time we’ve been here even when we were in Verona, Treviso and Venice!  Well at least our tans are coming along nicely!!

It's summer!!  14C!
It’s summer!! 14C!



One thought on “Warsaw comes to Obereggen

  1. LOVE the Poland video…and at is amazing all cars in the high range pricewise
    good job Andy …I cycled around Obereggen once and thought about skiing as this field is privatly owned …
    and kind of away from the mainstream but obviously not…
    Keep going and I look forward to see the hairy Gra….
    cheers from cheesy


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