We won’t walk will we? The W5″

This post has absolutely nothing to do with what we did today…. which was sleep-in, talk to my lovely niece, Claire, on Skype, drink coffee in the village, watch a movie and generally laze about like lounge lizards.  It was nice :-)) !!

But back to the story of …We won’t walk will we?

Craig Smith, a well known fishing guide in Wanaka once alerted us to “W to the power of 5 – or W5” for which there is also a “secret squirrel hand signal” amongst fishing guides of a hand held up showing all five fingers”.  This signal denotes a common protest from some unfit fishing clients when they realise that they may have to walk more than 10 minutes over rough ground to reach their fishing destination for the day!   Pale and trembling they ask…..  “We won’t walk will we?”

W5 = We won't walk will we?
W5 = We won’t walk will we?

And so too, W5 is alive and well in universe Dolomiti.  As Edina from AbFab would say…”Dolomiti is supposed to be a totally connected resort daaarling!!   I’m sure we won’t walk will we?”    “Only to the bar Eddy..only to the bar,” Patsy would surely reply.

The example in our little village is the short travelator from the car-park into the gondala building.  It’s so short it’s hardly worth the effort.  And then there was the horselift from the Langazoi – although, to be fair, that has some great novelty value and finally another pathetic travelator that connects people to the Vallon lift on the Sellaronda.  This, in particular is totally ridiculous.  All you need do is a bit of pole pushing to gain a tiny amount altitude to traverse around the slope and reach the next lift.   But no!  Check out the footage of the crowd queuing for the 10m travelator trip.  Classic W5!!

The only time we’ve seen the occupants of the Dolomiti universe walk was to the gondola at Civetta early season when the run to the valley floor wasn’t open.  There was serious grumbling going on.  Even we, the linguist troglodytes that we are, could pick up on the mood of the crowd as they trudged their way for “miles and miles” up an incline …”oh mio Dio!!”  Here’s the clip.

Back to the real today, we’ve also worked out that we have a few more lifts to ski!  Here’s our current tally.   Only 94 more lifts to go.  Not sure we’ll get that many in the 8 days we have left….but worth a try.



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