Arrivederci Arabba!

Final farewells this morning.

Gabi, we think,…was most impressed with our cleaning efforts.  Her sentences contained lots of “Bravo’s!” as we had a farewell hug.  Hopefully, we’ve made her job a little easier today.   She was also excited to see the new wine glasses, steamer (sorry Georgie), jug, toaster and sundry other bits and pieces we’ve left behind.  Mind you …we wish her luck with the #!*%#!! useless toaster.  Maybe the sparks that spring freely from it will give her a hint that it should be headed for the bin.  It certainly doesn’t cook toast!!

And so begins the long journey home.  We’ve given ourselves a bit of extra time and have booked into a Milan airport hotel tonight to ensure we make our midday flight tomorrow to Singapore.   It’s just over a 5 hour drive from Arabba to Milan Malpensa airport and Sunday is a much better day to make the drive than a Monday morning. No trucks and few cars on the road, particularly over mid-morning/lunch period which is when we are travelling.   If we didn’t leave today, “Murphy’s Law” will tell you that the first time we have car trouble or get stuck in a monster traffic jam will be the morning we are rushing to make a flight.   We’re pretty sure we couldn’t cope with that sort of stress in our lives after our recent carefree Dolomiti existence.

We also had to say a final goodbye to our trusty companion – ” Gino the Grip” Peugot.  Gra was most impressed with this little car and it really has done us proud. Apart from a few little design quirks, it was sure-footed, agile and speedy.  Everything you’d wish for in car for mountain driving.  “But no, Graeme!  We can’t buy one when we get back to Wanaka!”   “Mutter, mutter, Piaggio…mutter” says G.

The airport hotel was not too much of a hardship. We spent the afternoon floating around in their nice warm pool which we thought was a good way to acclimatise to the next few days in Singapore.